​Why choose a degree in business and management from Pacific Oaks? 

Pacific Oaks College’s business and management programs prepare graduates to lead and thrive within dynamic, sustainable organizations capable of balancing corporate social responsibility with operational effectiveness. The application of analytical and leadership training prepares graduates for a broader range of positions than traditional business administration programs. Particularly, as the need for analytics and leadership skillsets increases in the business world, professionals who can tackle complex business problems are in demand more than ever before. 

“What makes the Pacific Oaks Business Administration program so special is how it will broaden a students’ awareness by including an intensive one-or-two-week study abroad program as part of their academic experience. This distinctive global opportunity will introduce students to intercultural business and management best practices. It is one of the best ways students can acquire global skills that can enhance their professional potential."  Jack Paduntin  

The business and management programs at Pacific Oaks College are based upon the theory that excellence in leadership requires knowledge, skills, analytical training, and extensive self-awareness in order to create or direct a su​ccessful organization with sustainable value. Unlike more traditional programs, the courses in Pacific Oaks’ programs integrate business and leadership theory with the development of management skills to understand how to directly impact organizational needs. 

B.S. in Business Administration degree program 

The B.S. in Business Administration degree program is designed to prepare students for careers and opportunities in business and management as they learn the skills needed to become part of a professional team that can lead local, national, and global organizations. 

The B.S. in Business Administration degree program focuses on both the leadership and analytical skills necessary to navigate this modern world of business. This program provides students with an opportunity to travel and participate in an International Field Experience. The program’s global perspective and attention to corporate social responsibility provides the ethical framework to prepare students for a larger variety of positions than traditional business programs. 

Additionally, the B.S. in Business Administration degree program offers two concentrations. These concentrations offer students an opportunity to deepen their understanding of business administration subfields and provide the competencies, skills, and knowledge needed to seek positions in a related function or industry. 


BSBA Fieldwork requirements 

Fieldwork consists of observation and supervised experience. 

 International Field Experience Requirement 

As a degree requirement, BSBA students are required to participate in an international Field Experience at an international destination selected by the BSBA program. Students will be in-country for up to a minimum of 5 and max of 10 nights and will participate on ground in full days for the field experience. Coursework will be based on the number of students in the cohort, available opportunities, level of international experience, and professional interests. The BSBA International Field Experience is an academically rigorous and intensive immersion experience, only students eligible and enrolled in the BSBA International Field Experience course are invited to participate in the travel portion of this course. Prior to enrollment in the program, all admitted students are required to sign a Travel and Fee Disclosure. Prior to enrollment in the International Field Experience course, all students must sign a rights and responsibility agreement.   


Organizational Leadership and Management 

Sample Courses 

Leadership and Organizational Behavior 

This course will explore the nature and importance of leadership as well as the relevant theories and themes that influence leaders and organizations.  Leadership is everywhere, and throughout this course we will assess good, bad, and indifferent styles of leadership that you might encounter professionally, socially, and within your community.  Most importantly, this course will teach you about yourself as you develop into a leader and seek to integrate effective attributes and behaviors into your own leadership style as you seek to effect positive organizational changes.