Who is IT and what can they do for me?

The Information Technology depa​r​​tment is here to make sure you have the best digital experience possible throughout your academic career at Pacific Oaks College.

We can assist you specifically with the following technologies & digital experiences:​

  • Your account & passwords: basic info on your account, how to set up​​​ your account and make changes, how to sign in, how to reset your password
  • WiFi/VPN: how to connect to WiFi on-campus (and how to connect to VPN if you are an employee)
  • Email & calendar: how to access and use your email & calendar through Outlook
  • On-campus technology (e.g., printers, computers, classroom technology): where to find this technology and how to use them
  • School applications & websites (e.g., Canvas, the Student Gateway, Office 365): how to install/access an application or website, basic tutorials
  • Provided devices & accessories (if you are an employee): how to obtain/access provided technologies, how to set them up for use, and basic tutorials

You can find information about all of these technology resources in our Help Desk Portal​. If you have any issues with these technologies, feel free to contact the Help Desk. 

Please note that we may have to direct you to the support teams of a specific website or application depending on your request. For example, the Canvas support team should be contacted for any questions related to general Canvas usage at 855-745-8146.​


Explore our Help Desk Portal
This is the fastest way to get support. You can find help articles & information on school technology resources in our Help Desk Portal knowledge base that may answer your question.

If you can’t find an answer to your question and/or you still need help, you can use the following ways to contact the Help Desk.

Submit a request
You can submit a request through our Help Desk Portal​.

If you submit a request when signed in through our portal, we will be able to gather more information about your request and use this information to route it to the appropriate team so that we can best assist you.

Have an urgent issue? Call us at 800-747-8367

We’re available to help you at these times (other than holidays):
Monday - Friday 5​:00am to 7:00pm PST
Saturday & Sunday 7:00am to 3:00pm PST​

Where can I find information and ​help articles on school technology?

​​Our Help Desk Portal has all the information you need in its knowledge base for help with your accounts & passwords and all of your other school technology resources. You can use the search bar to search for an answer to your tech questions or use the categories to explore our help articles. For tutorials on how to use the Help Desk Portal, go here.


Call Help Desk:

Reset my Password​
Explore our Help Desk Portal for help articles & information on school technology resources:​
For employees only: