Where is the Center located?
The Student Success Center located at the Pasadena campus in building 55 and at the San Jose campus in suite 108. All are welcome! ​
What is the Center's mission?
Our mission is to provide support services to Latinx and underserved students to help them reach their goals in Pacific Oaks and beyond. We also foster student involvement and participation in campus activities to raise awareness about Latinx and Latin American issues, promote a culture of inclusion, and build community. ​
What services and resources are available?
​The Center provides services to complement those you already receive at Pacific Oaks.  

This includes: 
  • Support in Spanish or English, per your preference, for tutoring, and mentoring.  
    • ​The tutors will support with course content. 
  • Lending library of laptops and textbooks
  • Professional development workshops 
All students are welcome to use the center, socialize, and participate in the many cultural and educational events our Center sponsors! 

Where will the services be offered and how can I learn more?
Our services are available at the Pasadena campus in building 55 and at the San Jose campus in suite 108. Schedule an appointment by phone: (626) 529- 8080 or email [email protected]
Will my Student Success Coach replace my existing Academic Advisor?
Not at all! You will continue to work with your existing Academic Advisor throughout your degree program. Your bilingual Student Success Coach, Melissa Valle, will provide services and resources that complement those you already receive. Our tutors are also bilingual, giving you the option of receiving support in both, or either one of your preferred languages. The Student Success Coach will work closely with your advisors and Faculty to offer you the support that you need to succeed in your classes. ​
Is the Center open only for Undergraduates, Hispanic/Latinos, international students, or first-generation students?
Absolutely not! The Center is a place for all students to feel at home; socialize, study and collaborate. Per grant guidelines, our advising, tutoring, and lending library services are available for undergraduate students. Our events, programs, and activities are open to all students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the community. ​
How can I get involved with the Center?
Volunteer for one of our existing programs, organize an event or program you propose, and attend our events. The sky is the limit, and we want to hear your ideas! Please contact Melissa Valle, Student Success Coach, with your inquiries or ideas at [email protected]