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We recommend you meet regularly with your Advisor to review degree progress, discuss scheduling and elective options, or even just to have someone there to help cheer you on.  Scroll down to see the degree programs for each advisor. 

Please click on your Advisor's picture to schedule an appointment to meet with him/her/them:

  Rebecca Zhang

  • B.S. Business Administration students
  • M.A. Organizational Leadership & Management students

Roberto Cortes

  • B.A. Human Development students
  • B.A. Early Childhood Education (non-teacher credentialing) students

     Lilly Balouch

  • All San Jose Branch Campus students
  • All Teacher Residency Grant students
  • M.A. Human Development students
  • B.A. Advocacy & Social Justice students 
  • Bachelor of Social Work 
  • B.A. Community Psychology

  Michelle Bailey

  • M.A. Cultural & Family Studies students
  • M.A. Marriage & Family Therapy (all specializations) students
  • Master of Social Work students

   Elena Rotunno

  • M.A. Early Childhood Education students
  • All Teacher Credential (all non-residency grant program) students

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