To schedule a meeting with your Academic Advisor, please click HERE​.

Academic Advisors are committed to assisting students in achieving their educational and personal goals. We are devoted to the success of students working in conjunction with Faculty Advisors and other departments at Pacific Oaks College regarding degree program progression and completion.

​Pacific Oaks College’s Academic Advisors are committed to supporting students from the first day of their degree program through graduation. The potential for success is at the heart of every student enrolling at Pacific Oaks College. Our highly seasoned and professionally trained academic advising team is here to help turn the unimaginable into action and achievement by building a relationship with each student and taking an active role in supporting their scholastic endeavors. Every student at the College is provided both an Academic Advisor and a Faculty Advisor. This dual advising model ensures that each student is fully supported both academically and professionally.​

Your Academic Advisor is available to:

    • ​Help select the right form to submit for your requests/needs
    • Connect you with the right support/service department
    • Guide you on scheduling options to keep you on track for graduation
    • Assist with course registrations
    • Be your very own personal cheerleader as you journey through your education!
Make sure to always check your Pacific Oaks student email account on the Student Gateway to stay on top of communications sent by your Academic Advisor.​

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