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Tutoring Appointments

What is OTAS?

OTAS or the Online Tutoring Appointment System is a separate platform that manages the schedule for our one-on-one tutoring appointments and allows us to have online tutoring where we can work on a document together with a chat and whiteboard feature.

Why do I need to register for OTAS (Online Tutoring Appointment System)?

Because OTAS is a separate third-party platform, we need students to register the first time they use the system. Once students are registered, they can use their PO login to access the tutoring schedule to make one-on-one appointments.

Where are online tutoring appointments conducted?

Online appointments are NOT conducted through Zoom. Online appointments are conducted through OTAS (Online Tutoring Appointment System). ​For more information on how to access your online appointment, please click he​re. If students are experiencing difficulties accessing the online appointment, we ask students to call the CARE Learning Center so that we can assist them.

Does the CARE Learning Center offer weekend appointments?

The CARE Learning Center offers tutoring appointments once a month on Saturdays. These dates are on the CARE Learning Center calendar. For the most updated schedule, please check OTAS.

The schedule is completely full. Is there any way I can get an appointment?

There is a waiting list option on OTAS. Please view the tutorial here​ on how to use the waiting list option.

There are no time slots on certain days. Can I still make an appointment for those days?

If the CARE Learning Center offers appointments on a day, you will see time slots. The schedule may be completely booked, but there should be at least one row and a tutor name to make appointments. If there are no time slots for a particular day (e.g. Sundays), that means that the CARE Learning Center is not offering tutoring appointments on that day.

I am having technical difficulties (e.g. my camera and microphone are not working). How can I connect to the online appointment?

Please call the CARE Learning Center at (626) 529-8264. We will do our best to assist you.


When are CARE Learning Center workshops?

We hold workshops throughout the semester. Workshops are on the CARE Learning Center calendar and upcoming events are emailed out to students as well as updated in PO Connections, the student newsletter. Keep an eye out for those communications!​


Where can I find Smarthinking?

You can find Smarthinking in any of your courses in Canvas. If you click on any of your courses, there is a link ​that says “Smarthinking Online Tutoring." This is a free service for all PO students.

Master's Thesis Support

​Can I get help with my master's thesis at the CARE Learning Center?

Yes! We would love to work with you on your master's thesis. For more information on what type of support we offer, please visit Master's Thesis Support.