​​​The CARE Learning Center offers workshops throughout the semester on various topics related to academic writing, reading, and other academic skills. Details on upcoming workshops are emailed out and are posted on the CARE Learning Center calendar as well as the community site calendar. They also are posted in the student newsletter, PO Connections.

Some of the past workshops that the CARE Learning Center has offered are:

  • APA Basics: Let's Demystify APA
  • Paraphrasing
  • Types of Writing Assignments at PO
    • Discussion Posts
    • Reflection Papers/Reading Responses
    • Literature Reviews
  • Critical Reading Strategies
  • ​​Skimming and Scanning
  • The Writing Process
  • Introductions and Theses
  • Body Paragraphs
  • ​Conclusions 
Students can access past workshop on our academic resources page on Canvas (PO login required to access content).

Instructor notifications
  • Notifications: Students can request that the CARE Learning Center notify their instructors that they utilized CARE Learning Center services. This includes workshop and writing support group attendance. Students must email their request to [email protected] with the instructor's name, email, and a short message giving permission to notify the instructor of the student's use of CARE Learning Center services. Once the CARE Learning Center has received the email granting permission to share the student's information, the instructor will be notified of the student's use of CARE Learning Center services.